Seasonal Photographs? Yes…Holiday Décor? Not So Much

Now that it looks like winter has fully arrived in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN area, Realtors and home owners need to evaluate their seasonal real estate photographs. Should you leave green, summer photographs posted on websites for buyers to view while trees shed their leaves or snow is falling? The answer is debatable, but there are clear benefits to updating photographs so the listing is reflective of the current season.

Highlight the Home, Not the Listing Age
Home buyers and renters are not typically looking for real estate properties that others have overlooked or passed by; many days on the market can indicate a problem for prospects. We know in most cases that is not true, but picky buyers may be hesitant. Updating photographs 2 or 3 times a year helps buyers focus on the home, rather than the listing age, and shows that the Realtor or home owner is proactive. Continue reading

Deck the Halls: 4 Staging Tips to Follow When Selling Your Home This Holiday Season

holiday-vaseWith the busyness of the holiday season, selling your home during the winter months can often be more difficult than it is in other seasons. If you’re intent on selling before the year is out and you’re looking for some staging pointers, here are a few ways to convince potential buyers that your home will be the perfect place to spend Christmas!


Compliment Your Home’s Colors

If the green, red and gold tones of the holiday season contrast with your home décor, it might be a good idea to bring out some less flashy pieces that will still lend to the joyous season. Instead of huge garlands all over the house or old decorations that have been passed down through the years, go for items that will complement the décor and coloring of your home to maximum effect. Continue reading